Tinet’s Amazing Mold Bingo!

We’ve had some problems with mold in our apartment this year, with the very cold winter. There were some previous occurrences, as well … Who knows if or when there will be some new mold somewhere again?

Out of frustration I am now making it into a contest where you can win original art drawn by me!


Basically the mold has been here latently all the time, but it has pretty much been our own cluelessness that has brought it out in bloom. When I moved in here I did not know that you should never put anything too close to cold outer walls. I piled some cardboard boxes under my book shelf, and they nicely insulated the cold wall against any warm, dry air from the room, allowing a huge mold colony to grow.
The last winter (2009/2010) was exceptionally cold, and we didn’t heat enough in the bathroom and the kitchen, so the cold outer wall became moist and grew mold. As for the mold on our southern windows, it might be because we have kept the curtains drawn way too much. Once in a while it’s mysteriously gone, but there is sometimes a surveillance camera on the opposite building that might or might not be directed straight at us, as well as offices filled with bored guys who would like to watch me do morning exercises and change my clothes, and the glaring sun bothers me when I work.

Of course, our building is not exactly in perfect shape. We live on the top floor, where the crumbling firewall, which might not have been worked on since 1946 or so, is exposed to the cold northwest. In the attic there are holes straight through it. On the inside, that wall has been covered with “insulating wallpaper” and thin styrofoam. But if they don’t stick properly to the wall, pockets of cold, moist air can easily form between the wallpaper/styrofoam and the naked wall. And they do not stick properly to our walls.

So far any mold has not come back again to a place I have removed it from. I have previously used an “organic” mold killer called Jati Schimmelpilzentferner (that you have to order from the pharmacy), and most recently a chlorine-based one from the hardware store OBI. After applying the mold killer, I scraped off any wallpaper and plaster that was affected, and painted the naked wall with special moisture regulating paint for bathroom and kitchen areas.

Anyway, if you’d like to get a chance at winning some original art by me, please study the floor plan of our apartment closely and place your bet!

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2 Responses to “Tinet’s Amazing Mold Bingo!”
  1. bubu says:

    Öh, toivottavasti ei tuu enää, mut jos arvaan, niin vaate(kaapin) tai hellan oikeenpuoleiselle seinälle/kulmalle ja veskinseinään (samaan, ku aikasemminkin)… .

    Päivän sävel on: Tuulettaa, tuulettaa koko ajan.

    ps. vieläkö se kamera siellä on?

  2. Tinet says:

    Nyt se kamera on jostain ihme syystä taas poissa. O_o