Apparently Eva is best of Sweden 2009? (One of them.)

I was reading Åsa Ekström’s blog (hoping in vain to read something about the fabric designs she has made for Ikea[!]), and there she mentioned that her book Sayonara September was included in Paul Gravett’s “PG Tips No. 27: The Best Of 2009 Part 1: An International Perspective“. Was I ever suprised when I came to the very bottom of the page.

Well, apparently it fits a trend that Fredrik Strömberg (who made the selection) had observed. (Oh noes, I have been categorized! Maybe I should change my sex?)

Also, Dagens Nyheter, one of the biggest Swedish newspapers (in fact the only Swedish paper I read on a regular basis, because it has the Rocky comic), recently published a review of the Eva book. My publisher Horst said that I have now officially kicked Daniel Clowes’ ass, because not only has Eva sold a fair lot of more copies than A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron that Epix published recently, but also DN never wrote anything about his books, not even Ghost World. (But of course it would probably be quite different if Clowes was Swedish …)

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