The boar pattern in new, better colours

Now I actually used Lab colours, duh (for some reason I didn’t last time although I knew that Spoonflower recommends that). So they look pretty much the same in print as on the screen. Yay!

And now I know what kind of tablecloth I will have at the next Stockholm SPX – the diagonal version of this fabric. Though I’m not sure about which colour scheme goes best with my books. Maybe I’ll work out a new colour scheme until then …

Also, I just noticed that Spoonflower has set up a way to sell fabrics through their site.
So, as of today, you can order these two fabrics for your own projects:
Sickly Cherry Forest
Sickly Pale Blue Forest

I haven’t gotten test swatches for the diagonal version of this design yet, so it’s not for sale. And in fact, the Spoonflower shop doesn’t seem to allow for other repeats than basic repeat (yet?), so we shall see about that. Maybe I will need to custom make a diagonally repeating design … :3

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