Here is a drawing I made for a video Ilan is making.
The wing is in a separate layer so another one can be added on the piggy’s right side, and they can be animated.

A screenshot from the video:

Ilan was all like “You know you will get full credit, right?” and “See how easily you too can make animations like this?”, and I was all like “So what?” and “Yeah, whatever.”
I guess I don’t take this very seriously.

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2 Responses to “THEY DO FLY.”
  1. Ainur says:

    Well, you should take it seriously, the illustration is wonderful and I really want to see the animation in action.

  2. Tinet says:

    You will!
    But it just feels like something fun and easy that I can indulge in once in a while. (Maybe a bit like how Miyazaki has said that he feels about his “pigs and tanks” comics …)