Somehow I was able to tear myself away from that incredibly fuzzy little fuzzball of evilness doggie. Some photos of the KdF-Bad buildings from the outside:


The only good system is a sound system!!!

The only good system is a sound system!!!

And in the middle it says “Save the Agatoad!”

Waves beating the rocks

We went to the King’s chair, and were shocked by the hordes of tourists flocking it. Then we went down to the beach and walked as far as we could from the crowds, so that Ilan could take off his clothes and we could do some shooting for this video he is making. :op


I found a chicken god on this beach. o/
When I have chicken I can hang it n their coop, and it will protect them and keep them healthy and let them lay eggs without problems, if the Crimean Tatars are correct.

Actually, it’s not a specifically Tatar belief, but its origin seems to be in Slavonic mythology, which has been adopted by the Crimean Tatars Yevtushenko writes about in the short story that spawned the popularity of the chicken gods in East Germany.
An interesting linguistic detail is that the word “Hühnergott” has been in DDR “Duden” dictionaries since 1975. In 1990, when the first common Duden dictionary after the reunification was made, the word was left out(!!!!!). Only in 2000, it was finally added again.

At some point we were really far away.

We were preparing to walk back the same way along the beach, but then we saw this extremely steep and muddy path up the hill. And that looked like a lot more fun. :o)

Once we had climbed all the way up the hill, the view on the not so white cliffs of Rügen was splendid.

The not so white cliffs of Rügen

A nice abandoned house in our base village Nipmerow:

Nice abandoned house in Nipmerow

Evening light on the less spectacular view towards the east from our living room. (No view of the ocean, but to the south we had some very nice fields on rolling hills, and forests in the distance.)

Evening light


One of three very sweet horses. When we came walking from the forest they spotted us and came to say hello to us. The red one came first, and lost interest after a while. The black ones hung around until we left. They all wanted to chew on us. Awww.
It’s nice to see real working horses like these.

The two black ones were especially cute.

Finally, a DDR style hostel, now abandoned. What I could see of the interior was decorated in nice 70’s style.

DDR style hostel, now abandoned

Some more photos from this batch can be viewed here.

That was the first real vacation of more than one day at a time that I have had since I started freelancing in 2006. Whee!

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