So, we went to Prora to see the huge KdF-Bad complex.

Open doorway

This doorway is open, but it was bricked up on the inside. However, later on we found an entrance into another of the buildings …

♥ Triumph over fascism ♥

♥ Triumph over fascism ♥

Pretty green wallpaper

Pretty green wallpapers in the common bath area. This building was obviously in use in the 1970’s, when the complex belonged to the GDR military.

Into the shadows.

Pretty wallpapers.

Perhaps my favourite wallpaper in this building.


Ilan meets a challenger

Ilan meets a challenger …

Kitchen elevators

Kitchen elevators make me think of Jet Li, even though those were actually laundry shafts in Kiss of the Dragon

In this room we saved a bird.

Here comes another example of why thoughtless vandalism is very stupid and harmful.

In this room on the top floor, there was a bird trapped between the two window panes in a double glass window. It had flown into a hole in the broken glass on the inside, and could not get out again since it was too narrow and slippery to get back up to the hole.

Ilan broke off part of the inner glass to make the hole wider, and my arm luckily fit between the two panes. After several tries (and while also doing my best to get over my fear of hurting the tiny little robin – I’m not used to handling birds at all), I was able to lift her out, and she flew into freedom through the window at the far end in the above photo.

There are two windows like that in this room, with broken inner panes. Both of them are filled with the carcasses of dead birds.

Face behind bars

^ This is how that makes me feel.

Nazis out!

Er, they already left more than 60 years ago?

Beyond the cut down pines

Doggie beach is that way.

Doggie beach is that way. So of course we went that way.

I can’t wait to post the next batch of photos … :3
Meanwhile, there are some more photos from this batch here.

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