I am back from a brief internetless vacation. Here are some of the first photos:

The land behind these ruins slid down into the sea.

The land behind these ruins slid down into the sea.

Trail towards the sea

We were walking for a long time along some annoying paved road with cars running us over, until we finally found this path that led down to the sea. There was a sign that said, “Enter at your own risk. – The mayor”. The way down to the sea is very steep and maybe dangerous.

Big dead fish

A big dead fish on the beach. It was like 40 cm long.

Distorting reality

We found two intact light bulbs on the beach. Kind of amazing how the glass survived their ordeal as flotsam completely intact.

Ilan on the rocks

Ilan on the rocks where the land slid away. They’ve built breakwater structures in the sea below. Black cormorants like to hang out on them.

The sea in Prora

Then we went to Prora, where there is the huge KdF-Bad complex built during the Nazi times and now largely abandoned …

Seagull on Prora's sandy beach

A couple of more photos from this batch here, and more photos to come.

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