Week of piggies: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all eternity

Tomorrow I’m going to Rügen for almost a week, where I will not have Internet access at all!
So I’ll have to post the rest of the piggies for the piggy week already now … ;_;

These are actually warm up drawings that I made during the Gothenburg book fair while waiting for a chance to sign my book. (Here are my reports from the fair, in Swedish but with lots of pictures!)

The Soviet tank soldier piggies (one of them with thalidomide deformities?) are of course inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s comics about Otto Carius and Hans

Oh, and then I found this sketch somewhere in my computer:

I think it might be related to my comic Pigs Have Wings. Or maybe not, because the girl doesn’t look like Ebba. Or maybe that’s the reason why it stayed just a sketch.



Many people assume that I’ve been inspired by rape-revenge movies in my comics about Eva. As a matter of fact I had hardly seen any such films when I drew these comics.

But some of them seem like good fun, so I looked a bit closer at the genre in an article for the new blog of my publisher Epix. Read it here (in Swedish)

Screencap from the film Thriller – A Cruel Picture, at which I take a closer look in the article.


In Swedish at allehanda.se: “Stenhård hora som seriehjältinna”

It says that “after a while you start to see that Tinet Elmgren is challenging conventions when she makes a whore into a heroine and thrashes on so much violence. She is a kind of Tarantino in comics form.”

Whee, that’s really flattering.

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