New fabric design: МОЛОКО

A fabric with those classic Soviet sweetened condensed milk cans. It’s the best thing to eat with pancakes.

Condensed milk can fabric

This is the first Spoonflower fabric I have made that has really good blue colours.

Here you can order it on Spoonflower – the colours don’t look so good on their site, but they print pretty much like in the photo above (depending on screen calibration). Order a test swatch first if you want to be sure.

Here is the original can on which I based the design (the light blue is a bit off in this photo):

It’s a bit rusty because it has been standing for many years in my bathroom, holding q-tips.

By the way, this classic 1960’s Soviet design is not copyright or trademark protected, and is freely replicated by hundreds of companies in many different countries that make this type of condensed milk. Basically it wouldn’t be condensed milk if the can didn’t have this design. :o)

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