Driftwood 8 33

Driftwood 8 33


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You don’t have to be a butur to have telepathic powers, but not everybody seems to have the disposition for it. With one of my previous boyfriends I had a very clear telepathic connection: we could hear each other’s thoughts like quiet speaking. Not all thoughts, though — usually just the worst things … V`(oo)´;V
Then again, he was Romanian with Cuman and/or Pecheneg ancestry, and my Tatar great-grandpa was called “devil-worshipper” by his relatives, so who knows, maybe there was a little bit of shamanic wizardry involved, after all.

Besides humans, in my experience horses have particularly strong telepathic powers.

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And of course piggies!!!

One funny incident happened when I was recording an audio message that I was going to email to my boyfriend in Russia. This was in 2002, before the age of Skype. It was summer and I had the window open. At some point I could hear my piggy Sergei walking by outside the window, uffing peacefully to himself like he often did. When he heard my voice, he stopped and listened intently for a moment. I continued recording the message. At some point Sergei started uffing loudly, sounding a bit upset, and walked quickly away from the window.
Maybe half an hour later, when I had already finished recording the message long ago, my mum, who had been in her studio in the adjacent building, came in and asked if I’d recorded an audio message for my boyfriend. She said Sergei had come to her, all upset, and told her all about it.
Now, although my mum probably knew that I had recorded messages like that before, there was no way she could have known that I was doing it in that very moment. But Sergei told her. V°(oo)°V

Sergei lurking

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  1. Ainur says:

    That kiss-closeup is sooo hot and cute at the same time! Collar-grab! And Aeron’s look in the next frame … :3

    So, equestrian nomads are trained by their horsies in telepathy? That makes sense. I’ve never really experienced that, so maybe the peasant strain is stronger in me. On the other hand, I feel in tune with some people’s emotions, and that’s always like a miracle to me… “Wow, did you really think the same thing as I did?!” Like establishing eye-contact with doggies :3 … Hmm, maybe I’m a hunter-gatherer…

  2. Tinet says:

    One of the rather challenging things about kissing scenes is to try to make both people look somewhat flattering at the same time. :3

    Hmm, that it’s the horses that train humans does make sense. Helena, who had the horses that were communicating with us using telepathy, said she also used her telepathic abilities with humans. Maybe the horses had taught her?
    Some people say ponies are not as disposed to telepathy (with humans) as horses, so maybe that would explain why I discovered it only when I hung out with horses, after years of riding ponies in riding school. (Besides that riding school ponies maybe don’t like to open up as much to the hordes of more or less annoying children who ride them every day …)