Birthday pictures: Willie (February 11th)
More coming eventually …

Raise your head from the sea to the sky (inspired by this song)

Oh sailor!

The cast as playing cards


Ignite the Flame of Knowledge in the Eager Hearts of the Working Class!

Gouache doodles: ShannonSamona, Eva

Promotional flyer with Willie

Edge of the ocean

Group picture

The Builders of Bratsk, after Viktor Popkov

Erlik and his blades

Shannon (after Russian symbolist Sergei Sudeikin’s illustration for Mikhail Kuzmin’s The Journey of Sir John Fairfax.)

Willie and her dad playing chess

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Fan arts!
Shannon and Seraphine, by Stef Gaines, a propos Shannon’s promise at the end of chapter 4 …

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Oh, and here is some silliness