Driftwood 8 08

Driftwood 8 08

Sorry about the delay … ;_;

The reasons are that I have some kind of “live drawing” performance coming up on Friday that I’ve been required to rehearse for, besides the fact that it’s infernally hot. I have never before tried to draw comics in heat like this. Today, as I was inking, it was somewhat bearable for a change (just 25 degrees centigrade or so), but I still had to correct a quite extreme amount of things in this page, and it’s overall really sloppy and crappy …

* * *

Anyway, over to hand tool pr0n: The little saw in panel 5 is a kugihiki nokogiri, a Japanese saw made especially for sawing off trunnels neatly.  It’s not really suitable for anything else, but for that one purpose they say it’s most excellent. *drool*

I recently found that I needed a saw (I’m building a small light table for a hand lettering job), so I  got a kataba, as they are small, lightweight and supposedly far superior to Western hand saws in the same price class. I totally underestimated how the blade of the kataba I got is specially designed for either sawing across or along the grain, so I got a cross-grain kataba, which proved to be truly amazing when sawing across the grain, and a total pain in the arse when sawing along the grain. :o) Most of the sawing I did was across the grain, anyway. And since the blades are interchangeable, it’s no problem to at some point get an extra blade for sawing along the grain …

Discussion (4)¬

  1. bubu says:

    Muuten Micke käyttää näitä japanilaisia sahoja kitaroidensa valmistukseen ja muuhunkin. Tykkää, et ne on suvereeneja, parempia, ku nää länsikäsisahat. Esim. Kokon häkki sahattiin just kataba-sahaa käyttäen.

    Aivan ihana kertomus, oonko sanonu sen jo aikasemmin?

  2. Tinet says:

    Jihuu! V^(oo)^V

    Ahaa! Niin, tää saha jonka mä hankin on kyllä tosi hyvä ja kätevä. Ihan sairasta kuinka hyvin se sahaa …

  3. Ilmari says:

    3…2…1… And they fall through the stairs.

    Not really, I’m getting the impression now that Willie is a perfectly competent carpenter and replacing a stair would be pretty hard to get wrong.


  4. Tinet says:

    Heh, is there some kind of TV trope or comedy convention that decrees that this endeavour must end in humorous disaster …? :o)

    Well, I guess Willie has some talent for it, and even if she is not totally competent (yet?), Samona and Aeron are, after years of living and working on wooden ships … Of course, they let Willie do the more involved stuff, because Shannon wants her to learn.
    And, yeah, this is a quite simple procedure that is hard to get wrong. (Even I could do it!!)