Driftwood 8 04

Driftwood 8 04

That’s a breast drill (also known as “chest drill” among those who think “breast” sounds naughty). I like to drool over old-school mechanical tools and machines that in the modern world have been made obsolete with the introduction of electric or petrol powered tools and machines. (I have a very nice old mechanical sewing machine that I like for its simple, sturdy build and its total self-sufficiency. :3 )

I’ve never used a breast drill, though. My parents had a hand drill once, but they probably got rid of it before I had grown old enough to use it. I only remember my mum saying it was “shit”. I don’t know if it really was (maybe it was bad quality and/or not very well maintained), or if she was just using it the wrong way. Hand drills and chest drills rely a lot on the pressure you are able to put on them with your own human weight.

Since Willie is not so strong and this is hard wood, I let her use a breast drill instead, which is more powerful than a hand drill …


  1. Tinet says:

    Now I actually have a breast drill!! It’s smaller than the one Willie uses here. I used it when putting up all new panelling on the outer wall of my construction trailer/studio (http://kommiekomiks.com/?tag=ddr-trailer-trash). Some teeth on a gear in it are busted, but it has still been very nice to work with it.