Driftwood 8 47

Driftwood 8 47

Maybe it’s a bit of a spoiler, but “Мёртвые не лгут” means “the dead don’t lie”. In Czech the same phrase would be “Mrtví nelžou”, with exactly the same stress and intonation (unless Google Translate is lying), so perhaps Willie will figure out what it means. Why he was thinking that might be harder to figure out, though, since he didn’t tell her about that part of the conversation he had with his dead family members …

By the way, watching the first episodes of the new Deadliest Catch season got me thinking a lot about crew dynamics. I wonder if Aeron feels that he has to work ten times harder than everybody else in order to prove himself in this workplace where he is clearly in the gender minority, and lacks Seraphine’s privileged position as the boss’s fiancé … :3

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  1. Aidan says:

    They’re not the sort for long goodbyes, I guess – but it sometimes stronger that way. Aeron is holding out hope for tem being reunited, I guess – well, I’ll wish him luck with that. They’s a sweet pair.

    Just wondering, if Willie goes back home, where the hell would she end up? Someplace random? The inter-dimensional gate in the middle of the sea? Or somewhere actually useful?

    . . .

    Ah yes, and a celebrated International Worker’s Day to you. Damn, I forgot to buy red beer, and it’s sunday. Well, I’ll think of something.


  2. Tinet says:

    Well, they’ve spent all day saying goodbye in a rather intense way, so I suppose there’s not much more to say at this point … :3

    Heh, the way Samona explained it, if Samona’s kung fu is strong enough, and Willie can concentrate hard enough and knows the place well enough, she’ll end up in whichever place she wants to go. *IF*. Now, if not, she might end up in a place somewhat similar to the one she was concentrating on, but possibly on the other side of the earth or even in a totally different world …

    The gates in the oceans are just randomly appearing and disappearing here and there, maybe triggered by the magic that drifts off that city where Seraphine is from. The gate Samona is going to create is a much more specific thing.

    (The thing about concentrating hard on the place you want to go seems to be something I totally stole from Stephen King’s Dark Tower books and then forgot all about stealing it – until recently, when I had a sudden urge to finally read the last three of those books.)

    Heh, happy International Worker’s Day to you as well! Well, I’m sure there are other fine ways to celebrate it besides commie beer. :o)