Chapter 2, page 2

Poor pigs … ;___;

When I was drafting out the storyline for this chapter, I was toying with the idea of loosely structuring it like Homer’s Odyssey (as one does). But the structure of the Odyssey didn’t really fit with what needed to happen in this chapter and in what order. (And also Odysseus is such an annoying, full of himself character …)
Then I remembered one of my most favourite books from when I was the same age as Willie is here – James Joyce’s Ulysses – and that Joyce had loosely structured it like the Odyssey, but had wildly¬†thrown around the order of Homer’s chapters. And eerily enough, the structure of the second/main part of Ulysses (the ‘Odyssey’ part) fits very well with Dog Island chapter 2! :-s
I already had a couple of more direct references to Ulysses planned, because Willie has the book – it’s among the things she brought with her from her old world – so this works quite nicely. V^(oo)^V

It’s a fun challenge to try to include references to the Ulysses chapters without making it weird or irritating for anyone who hasn’t read the book. And of course I hope people who have read it will have as much fun finding the references as I have adding them ^^

The first one here may be a bit too obvious … But maybe the first reference should be a bit more obvious than the others, so that people who will get it even have a chance to notice that there are going to be references. :3

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