Chapter 2, page 1

This chapter is going to be a bit challenging with the letter interwoven with the story in the first part … I could do it the Cerebus way and just have the letter in the margins, and a narrow layout of the comic, but that would be a cop-out. Though maybe for some sequences it would work quite well …? :-p We’ll see!

* Cerebus is one of my problematic faves, and I stand by that High Society up to Jaka’s Story are some of the most amazing comics to grace the earth. At one point it started to get extremely “ehh”, and I didn’t even read the last volumes, but the early books had a huge influence on me (as you can probably see in my drawings sometimes).

P.S. Oh yeah, obviously don’t call that number … I just made it up + the last part is the phone number we had in my first childhood home, that I for some reason still remember.

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