Chapter 2, page 3

Here’s a video about pig kidney soup that I used as reference.

I’ve also tried to reduce the backgrounds I draw, as I might have overdone it in the previous pages. While it looks cozy to have detailed backgrounds in every panel, it’s a huge pain to draw, and inevitably gets boring after a while.
Also, I suspect that it distracts from the action and emotions of the characters. In a seminar on Russian film history my professor commented on the scene in Земля (Earth, 1930) where the hero Vasil’s fiancée Natalya mourns his death, that it was intended as kind of pagan and ‘forces of nature’, but there were too many everyday items in the background in the scene so it didn’t work.
(That film is fun to watch also because it’s set in the same time period as Eva and Aeron’s childhood. :3)

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