Wilma Čapeková
| Also known as: Willie | Age: 17 |
After a shipwreck, Willie accidentally came into this world from another world, and was rescued by the crew of the Eagle Ray. She had to return to her own world to finish some business with her alcoholic father and absent mother. Now she’s back (thanks to Aeron and Samona’s magic) and hopes to join the Eagle Ray again.
Aeron Sanin
| Also known as: Ronyuk, Ronya, Willie’s “husband” | Age: 27 |
First mate on the Eagle Ray, Eva’s brother. Was sent off to work as a farm hand at 15, ran away, studied at an assassin school for a while, and accidentally killed his master’s servant. He ran away again and went off to sea. Many years later, he joined the crew of the Eagle Ray. One day his old master returned and tried to convince him to come back and become an Assassin Shaman, for which he apparently has tremendous dormant potential. However, Aeron just wants to lead an honest hardworking life and take care of his sister and niece, and also his “wife”.
Yevdokiya Sanina
| Also known as: Eva, Dunya, Dusia, Dunyechka, Yevdokiyushka | Age: 23 |
Crazy badass, Aeron’s sister. Ran away from home as a teenager and worked as a prostitute until recently, when she got pregnant. That’s when Aeron happened to find her. He tried to convince her to come with him and raise her baby together, and eventually Eva found a way to join him but make it look like it was her idea. Now they are renting a rickety old house on Dog Island.
Shannon Armstrong
| Age: 33 |
Captain of the Eagle Ray. A pirate’s daughter, she grew up on her father’s ship and was elected captain at 19, when her father was killed in battle. A few years later she got trapped in a different dimension. There she met Samona and Seraphine, and eventually set up a new ship. They lead a leisurely (and mostly legal) life, taking freighting jobs every once in a while.
| Age: 34 |
Cook on the Eagle Ray, and also a quite powerful wizard. Her background is mostly shrouded in mystery.
Seraphine Japheses Aphitophel
| Age: 32 |
Shannon’s fiancé and tally clerk. A bit withdrawn, perhaps because new people’s reactions to his alien looks can be a bit unpredictable.
| Age: 46 |
Worker at the cannery and chairwoman of the Sha-Guo Marine Workers Solidarity Committee, which provides some aid to Dog Island.
| Age: 17 |
Ju-Tsang’s son, and secretary of the Sha-Guo Marine Workers Solidarity Committee. Works at the cannery now, but hopes to become a fisherman like his dad.