Driftwood 9 59

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I know I had an idea for something to write here, but I can’t remember it now. V`(oo)´;V

Driftwood 9 58

I have no idea if it has ever been possible to get out on the roof of this building. But if the lifts are apparently left unrepaired for weeks on end (in this comic, anyway – I don’t know for sure if it was like that in reality), then probably some naughty kids (like Willie :op) could at some point break the lock on a door to the roof, and it wouldn’t ever get repaired.

Driftwood 9 57

/ End of the extended scene. V^(oo)^V

(You live in England and you don’t have any rain gear? … To quote Michael Palin, who was asked in China if he always carries an umbrella: “No … We just get wet.”)

In any case, you can also read the still deleted scenes that I sketched out last year.

Driftwood 9 56

The Atlantic Conveyor is a container carrier ship, built in 1985 at Swan Hunter’s shipyard in Wallsend. One of the last large ships to have been built on the Tyne. (Built as a replacement to SS Atlantic Conveyor, a merchant navy ship that had been requisitioned to the Falklands war and was struck and sank in May 1982.)

The North East Maritime forum has a series of photos from the launch … Apparently she’s still out there, now under Swedish flag?

Driftwood 9 55

Well, he sure is noticing now … But of course, under normal circumstances Willie wouldn’t ever bring any boyfriends home. In this case she didn’t want to leave Aeron out of sight as she was afraid he might disappear again. (That was another deleted scene … Should I add that, too? V`(oo)´;V)

As I’ve mentioned before, they had electricity thanks to Lenin’s GOELRO plan in 1920. Yay!

Yesterday, December 29th, when I drew this page, was actually Aeron’s birthday. :3 (I didn’t research or actively decide when it should be, but one day I just “knew” that that was it.)
Willie was born on February 11th 1982. If we adjust Aeron’s birth date to her/our world (where the day and month are the same as in his world, but the year seems somehow a few decades off …) and assume his birth date would then be December 29th 1971, it may be a bit disturbing to check compatibility horoscopes for them. :3