Driftwood 8 25

Driftwood 8 25

If you think Seraphine is getting a bit too excited about that oatmeal porridge, you should have seen my piggy Sergei.

Speaking of breakfast, today I had the most delicious breakfast ever. And it was all because I had “nothing” in the pantry.

I had:
* 1 egg
* Kimchi brine
* Some flour
* Corn oil

I mixed together the egg with several tablespoons of kimchi brine (the watery stuff that is left after you eat all the cabbage and other vegetables) and as much flour as it took to give the mixture a thick, kind of pancake dough like texture. Then I fried it in a big frying pan. Once crispy on the edges, I ate it. AND IT WAS SO GOOD.

I make my own kimchi (it’s easy!), so I usually have some kimchi brine around that I can put in all kinds of stuff. I had never tried to put it in a “flour-egg-omelette” like this, but this will for certain not be the last …

Yes, I’m hungry again now.

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