Chapter 2, page 7

The crew on this boat are being really nice to Willie, and that might not be the case on other boats in the near future … :-s

* * * * *

Update, 2023:

I had to move to a new host after my website went offline for an unknown reason, and my old web host simply did not respond.
Since I wasn’t planning on it and didn’t have the chance to make dedicated backups, I’m having some issues with setting it up at the new host.

The worst thing is that the comicpress pages weren’t working (Dog Island and Driftwood) – the navigation was completely fucked after the reupload + reinstallation.
For Dog Island, it wasn’t a big deal I guess to upload all the pages again from scratch, so they got a functioning navigation, and to just copy the rants from the old posts before deleting them.
But that also means that unfortunately all the comments are gone :(

Now it looks like I uploaded the entire comic so far in 2016, but that’s just because I didn’t post anything that year (and a few other years), so I could use it for fake past dates to generate new posts. Since 2016 was one of the absolute worst years of my entire life lmao I’m taking it back like this now :3

Thank Dog I found a different solution for Driftwood in the meantime (redoing all the categories actually fixed the navigation!!), because that comic has 408 pages T^T