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This story is kind of a flashback to Driftwood chapter 3, but also draws on Eva's solo stories, so it's a bit unorthodox that way ...

This is a 24 hour comic, which I drew November 12th-13th 2011. My sole mission with this year's 24 h comic was to see how fast I could possibly get myself to draw, so obviously the quality of the drawings is a bit lacking. Unfortunately the story ended before the 24 hours were up, and I didn't want to drag it on unnecessarily (I was ready to make some sacrifices for this exercise, but I guess that's where I drew the line), so it's a mere 32 pages, drawn in 18 hours. 

I guess everybody hated me at the 24 h comics session (as always) - this time not only because I am female, beautiful and intelligent and draw "manga-style" (the most despised thing among all these artsy comics artists in Berlin - apparently it's infinitely better and more respectable to not know how to draw comics at all than to draw "manga-style" really well), but also because I really didn't give a crap about form and drew really fast. 

There's a German saying: "Hinsauen kann jeder" - "Anybody can pig it" (awww), meaning "any idiot can make some crap really fast and sloppily". Yeah, but not everybody would

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