Eva on Russian television?!
One of my Romanian friends mentioned "this Russian TV serial about a red-haired street-walker called Eva who gets entangled with the mafia and kills off lots of people", that they show on Romanian television. He assumed that I had seen this serial and gotten the idea for my comics about Eva there. But I had never heard of it!
It turns out that the heroine of Ohota na Zolushku ("The hunt for Cinderella"), played by Amaliya Mordvinova (famous also in the West from Pavel Chukhrai's Vor), indeed looks quite a lot like Eva.

The story is about a poor, lonely girl who works in a video store. People call her Myshka, "the mouse".  Somehow, through unexpected turns of events, she gets into trouble with the mafia, and has to change her identity. 
Thus, she turns into the beautiful, strong and ruthless "Eva", who sets out to take revenge on the mafia for having killed her friends. But once the revenge is taken, she can't seem to shake off the underworld ...

According to some reviews I've found, this serial is actually one of the best produced by Russian TV in the past few years. It was made in 1999, about four years after I had created my character Eva. Maybe the producers Niyole Adomenaite and Anton Sivers read my comics and got inspired ...?

A short synopsis of the seven parts of the serial (in Russian)

An elaborate - and very positive - analysis of the serial by Ekaterina Salnikova, for Nezavisimaya Gazeta (in Russian)
Salnikova sees the heroine Eva as a great step forward for the emancipation of Russian women - she is free from both inhibiting fear for her own life and unhappiness because of lack of love, and most of all she is free from feeling sorry for herself. As a long-awaited alternative to the 'traditional' roles for women, 'the Girl with the Gun' now takes the scene ...

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