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Asphalt Mirrors Eva wakes up one morning with a strange corpse in her bedroom, and she doesn't have the slightest idea of how it got there. She gets her favourite postman, Ting Yay, to clean up the mess, but it isn't that easy to get rid of some things. When Eva sees a young woman standing in the rainy street, she has vague flashbacks of the event, and sets out to follow her. 

Lead Lips Just another night on the street, Eva is suddenly dragged into a car and abducted by four members of the local mob. They claim she has done something unforgiveable to their boss, but Eva can, as usual, not recollect anything of the like. They seem to mean business, so what can a poor girl do ... 

Odd Tuesday Every other week, Eva and her colleagues have to visit a clinic to get a health check. Nosy nurses as well as manodepressive bus drivers make Eva ask herself why she actually keeps on doing this. 

Glass Rain A serial killer is spreading terror among Eva's former colleagues on the streets she used to walk before she got accepted into the government-sponsored brothel where she works now. Eva feels the urge to do something about it ... 

Postman Blues A flashback to the time when Eva and Ting Yay first met. 

Asbestos Hearts One night Eva is assaulted by some Nazi-Darwinists. She beats them to pulp and doesn't think much of it, but what if it did lead so some disastrous consequences, after all? 

She's a Killing Machine A 24 hour comic about a normal date with Eva. 

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